An ode to the weather

There’s certainly nothing like October and November in Minnesota.

I will admit, I might have been a little bitter about the fact that it was snowing just two weeks ago. But sitting on my front porch in jeans and a tank top, eating an M&M’s frozen yogurt sundae (which completely negates the fact that I biked around the lakes this morning)… Minnesota, you always find a way to redeem yourself.

I find myself comparing today’s 63 degree weather to those precious five minutes in the morning after you hit your snooze button. You find yourself awake but still not ready to get up and face the world, so you just lay there in your groggy state, just savoring the warmth of your bed and the comfort of your pillow. Whatever obstacles lay ahead for you that day can wait an extra five minutes as you mentally prepare yourself for them.

So here’s to celebrating (probably) the last weekend of warmth and beautiful fall weather before the abyss that is Minnesota’s winter sets in, and here’s to hoping we get to see spring before April.

[a picture I took while biking around the lakes this morning. I only had my cell phone so I apologize for sub-par quality!]