My understated love: Tea

I think everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. I’m not addicted by any means – it’s rare that I have a cup every day of the week – but I still love the caffeine and the flavor as well. It’s oddly soothing for me to wake up and start my day with a cup of coffee…. often, if I’m tired enough, it’s my ONLY motivation to get up!

Unfortunately, I’m by no means a coffee expert. I’ve tried to begin distinguishing flavors in regions, but I can never keep them straight in my brain or my mouth. It’s still tough for me to discern a textbook ‘good’ cup from a ‘bad’ one – the only guide I have is my rather blind taste buds that tell me it tastes good when it’s strong and flavorful. But, I’ve actually purchased a few coffee books from Amazon that I should be getting my hands on this weekend that I can’t wait to read!

However, perhaps one thing not everyone knows about me is my love for tea. It’s a different love, perhaps deeper in a way. It very much mirrors my love for beer – there are so many different kinds, styles, flavors and varieties to try, and while I know what I do and don’t like, I’m ALWAYS willing to try a new kind! In this way, my love for coffee mirrors wine – I don’t think I’ve ever had a glass I don’t like, and yet I can’t figure out why. There’s dark roasts and light, and red wines and white, but that’s about as deep as my understanding goes (but soon to change!).

Yesterday, a co-worker stopped by my desk. “I noticed your stash of teas here,” she said. I smiled, delighted – I have two boxes of Tazo tea (my new favorite, Focus, and my ‘sick’ tea, Green Ginger) sitting on top of a tin of Tazo Awake, next to a box of Bigelow Apple Cider, next to a clear jar of mismatched tea bags. “Did you know we have a Tea Club here?”

….. O.O

She excitedly told me all about the group and the massive collection of teas they’ve acquired. There’s no monthly dues, she said; the only requirement is to bring some tea to share and you’re free to partake in the assortment.

I’m feeling a little disappointed, but only because I can’t believe no one had told me about this before! I donated some of my beloved Tazo Focus, as well as some Apple Cider and a Yogi tea I wasn’t a huge fan of (but hopefully someone else can enjoy!). And when I walked over to see the stockpile… holy moly, my jaw dropped!

Loose teas and other varieties!

Blacks, Greens, Whites, Reds, so many different varieties!

Needless to say, I’ve made it my personal mission to try as many kinds of tea as I can, and perhaps find a new favorite! I think Kevin might donate some of his Chinese Oolong tea in exchange for some Rooibos tea he wants to try.

If nothing else, let this perhaps be motivation to go try something you’ve never tried before, be it tea, coffee, or a new food! You never know, you just might discover a new favorite. :)


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