Day 1: Complete!

Welp, we made it to Seattle! We left Milwaukee not so bright and early (which was quite nice for a change) and after a leisurely two hour layover in Minneapolis, we boarded our flight to Seattle!



All in all it was a smooth travel day, though I was bummed not to have a window seat on the fight out. I did manage to catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier from across the aisle as we neared the SeaTac airport…

Mt. Rainier at a nearly equal level

The first thing I noticed on our descent is how unmistakably GREEN the landscape is around here! I noticed Washington State license plates boasting “The Evergreen State,” and they’re not kidding. They’re everywhere, and it’s gorgeous!! The air here seems so crisp and clean. And the mountains? They speak for themselves.

Seattle Landscape on the light rail into the city from the airport

Rides on the light rail and monorail brought us to our hotel just a few blocks away from the Seattle Center! We were greeted by a towering Space Needle immediately upon arriving… a warm welcome to say the least. :) We took a few moments to gather our thoughts and bask in just being here at our hotel before heading back to the Seattle Center for Bumbershoot!

It’s been something of a headache to try and figure Bumbershoot out. I originally bought tickets before they released the full lineup schedule, which meant when the schedule came out I found out we weren’t going to be able to see two acts that were the reason I bought the tickets because they played before we landed. Fred Armisen, of Portlandia and SNL, was going to be doing stand up at 4:30. We didn’t leave the hotel until 4:45, and upon arriving we found out that, of course, the show was full. But we were there, and didn’t want to waste the tickets, so we got to wandering.

Leave it to my boyfriend to find the video game exhibit out of all things. Here he’s playing the original Tetris on a Super Gameboy. I got to play Mario Kart on an N64 they had, too!

I imagined Bumbershoot would be something like Summerfest, which it was. It was a fairly large outdoor festival with different stages, food vendors, and plenty of people watching. But it’s more than just music – there’s comedy, arts, theater, the whole gamut of performing arts. Also beer. Lots of beer gardens everywhere!

We listened to a great band called The Heavy for a little while, found a Video Game Exhibit and Rock Poster exhibition, and ate gyros (beef – their only option. Strange!) at a food cart on-site. The weather was truly perfect and while I’m bummed we missed two musicians I was really excited to see AND Fred Armisen, it was fun to amble around.

What else can I say? So far, everyone we’ve encountered has been helpful, friendly and lighthearted, starting from the flight attendant coming into Seattle, to the police officers at the light rail station, to the man at the front desk, to just people walking around at Bumbershoot and around the street. That’s been a really great first impression! I’m excited to get more of a feel for the city today. Soon, we’ll head down to Pike Place Market (aka coffee mecca, as Kevin just quipped!) and start exploring downtown! We have an ambitious list that I’m excited to conquer. Talk to you all later tonight or tomorrow! :)

Le Space Needle

Listening to The Heavy at Bumbershoot

A great shot Kevin got of a live statue inside Bumbershoot

ADORABLE kid playing violin, leaving the Seattle Center area. He was so good!

Le Space Needle from the base


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  1. Tanisha
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 13:39:42

    I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this!
    Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day!
    Thanks again


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