RIP, Bogy T

RIP, Bogart T. April 2, 1998 - January 25, 2010

While he certainly had his grumpy old man moments, he was undoubtedly the sweetest, most kindhearted, most intelligent dog we’ve ever had (except Cashmere maybe, our first dog, but she died when I was in 3rd grade so I don’t remember her as well). Our only boy dog, who we weren’t sure was going to last long when we adopted him. His previous owner decided that a dog food formula containing only blueberries and grains was sufficient nutrition, and that keeping him locked up in a crate 14 hours out of the day while he worked was acceptable. He wasn’t quite a year old and was maybe 30 or 40 pounds when he should have been around 70. Tapeworms, parasites, and BOY was he trouble. He would steal things out of the garbage to get attention… can you say JEALOUS. We even gave him ‘Trouble’ for a middle name- Bogart T. When we adopted him we had Penny, who was around 9 months older than him and the alpha dog for sure. She was the definition of BITCH lol. But they came to be best friends, and you could really tell how much they loved each other.

We had to put Penny down when she was 6 – we found out she had cancer and put her down a week later. I’m not sure Bogart ever fully recovered. At first, he was afraid to go outside alone, just acted funny and skittish a lot of the time. He still stole stuff to get attention but he mellowed out a TON. I really hope he’s running around with her right now.

There were just times where you swore he could understand every single word of what you said to him. You could talk to him like another human and he would sit there, just watching you. If you ever cried, he would come up to you and nudge his nose under your arm or put his paw up by you. He just understood and cared about you so much.

When my dad did housework Bogart was right there with him. Always interested in what we’re doing and if he had thumbs he’d be there helping. Just so responsive and aware of everything.

My favorite mornings were the ones where I would be half awake, just emerging from a dream, before 7am. My dad wakes up at 5am every morning to feed the dogs, so Bogart would eat his breakfast and then I would hear the “click clack” of his long toenails on my bathroom floor. He would nudge the door open with his nose and come in to say good morning to me, maybe lay in my room for a few hours until I woke up. He was always so protective and loving.

He absolutely detested Nikki for the first months we had her. While he grew up with Penny, he had been alone for 4 or 5 years after she died so he had gotten used to the attention, and being the alpha dog. He was never afraid to put her in her place, never afraid to growl or nip at her (even if he got scolded for doing so). But they eventually came to peacefully co-exist, and despite Nikki’s habits of stealing his food or knocking him over… I think they came to really love each other. I’m not sure what Nikki is going to do now, how she’ll be. She’s not even 2 and a half… she’s lived with Bogart her entire life so far.

Anyway, please keep my parents in your thoughts. Bogart is the oldest dog we’ve had, and we all felt closer to him than almost any other dog we’ve had, I think. It’s nothing like having a human die, but it’s close, and I’d argue it’s just as hard. It’s at least easier for me because I’m at school, and I don’t even want to imagine what my parents are like. I know I would be a complete mess.

So here’s to my Bogy love… thanks for all the love and memories, old boy. <3