Well hey there.

Many, many apologies for my severe lack of postings on here. To make up for it, here’s a video I made in September for you to laugh at me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkkpc_qeUjI (Oh, and the product I reviewed, the Rayovac Rechargeable Power Pack? You should probably go out and get one, stat.)

As for life… life is… life. It’s good. I need to start writing in here more, as if that goes without saying. I have lots of random rants and ideas and musings running around in my head that I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about. I want to tune up my writing voice and start building my portfolio. Hopefully putting that out there now will hold me accountable in the future, but we’ve all seen how that’s gone so far. With my job here in Madison, I’ve been exposed to so many wonderful blogs and ideas. Tomorrow’s a new day, I suppose…

Until next time, blogosphere. Never stop dreaming.


Summer Plans!

Hello, all! I apologize for such a horrid delay in updates! Once the year took off, it really took off and left me with hardly any time to think. I’m now nearly a month away from finishing the semester and becoming a senior in college! CRAZY! With summer fast approaching I’ve been giving some thought as to what plans I hold. And let me tell you, I do have some exciting plans :)

First of all, a month or so ago I bought a plane ticket to Barcelona. Which means I am officially going back to Spain mid-May! Commence child-like squeeing!! I’m meeting a friend from WSU there, and we will spend two days in Barcelona. Then I’m taking a train up to France to visit a high school friend studying there, then another train back down to my old stomping grounds, Granada! I’m going to be seeing and hopefully staying with two good college friends who just happen to be staying with the host family that I stayed with. I have to get back up to Barcelona because that’s where I leave from, and then I have a 23-hour layover in Amsterdam before flying home. This sounds absurd but I purchased this ticket on purpose – this way, I’ll be able to explore the city! I have never been there but I hope to take a river boat tour and just explore a little bit. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place! I am beyond excited and plan to keep everyone updated on my travels here! Hopefully I’ll be able to update before I leave on May 10!

Secondly, and even more importantly, I have an internship for this summer with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)!!!!!! I have been following this organization since I was very little and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to be given the chance to work for them, even if it is only for credit. In the beginning of June I’ll fly out to Washington D.C., where their U.S. headquarters are, and spend about two months working on editing and producing video in their Creative Services department. While I’m not looking forward to paying insanely high rent out there, I am beyond stoked to live in the nation’s capitol for two months. I’ve spent a lot of time this academic school year in video editing and production, and I really enjoy it. I’m excited to learn more and hopefully have a lot of fun as well! I’ll definitely keep you updated on how that’s going here, too!

I know this update was extremely brief, but I’m at home right now and I’m probably going to be eating dinner and getting together with the neighbor folk soon. But, I promise I’ll try to update sometime before I leave for Europe and let you know how everything is going! Take care!!

Convention results

All the NBS-ers at dinner!

The Winona NBS-ers at dinner Friday, left to right: Nate, Megan, Jade, Olga, myself and Kevin

Wow, you guys. Just wow. That’s all I can say. While I’m not particularly religious anymore, I would definitely consider myself spiritual at the least, and I must say that I think all the stars aligned just perfectly for me this weekend at the National Broadcasting Society (NBS) Regional Convention in Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois.

I’ll start out by explaining everything a little, and then tell you why I am about ready to burst at the seams because I am so excited to start planning for next summer, and my future. NBS is a professional, university-based organization. Tons of universities and colleges around the country have NBS chapters, and it (obviously) just so happens that Winona State has one. The main focus of the organization is career planning, and the highlights are the regional and national conventions. The convention this year was held this weekend (Oct. 23-24) in the Quad Cities.

Before I continue, I have to stress that I only joined NBS by happenstance. I decided to show up to the first meeting of the semester just to see what it was like. We’re a small organization – there’s probably 20-25 people on the mailing list, though less than 10 people show up to any given meeting. Anyhow, that first meeting I was informed that there were two officer positions open. I won’t say I was forced into the position of treasurer, but I was definitely strongly encouraged to do so :) I also signed up for the convention figuring “why not” – I hoped it would only help me out in the future. I really have no broadcasting experience yet, so I’ll take whatever I can get!

We left WSU at 6 a.m. Friday and arrived at our hotel 5 hours later with plenty of leeway before our first excursion. The entire weekend, we were given opportunities to speak with and hopefully learn from many professionals in the opportunity. Round table discussions, keynote speakers and studio tours made up the two-day itinerary, including the obligatory pizza dinner, pool party time, and luncheon (and awards ceremony, where we smoked the competition! we took every award except for most improved chapter!!). Aforementioned excursion, we decided, would be to the Independent News Network (INN) station headquarters nearby. I had no clue what to expect, and I was excited! More