Well hey there.

Many, many apologies for my severe lack of postings on here. To make up for it, here’s a video I made in September for you to laugh at me.¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkkpc_qeUjI (Oh, and the product I reviewed, the Rayovac Rechargeable Power Pack? You should probably go out and get one, stat.)

As for life… life is… life. It’s good. I need to start writing in here more, as if that goes without saying. I have lots of random rants and ideas and musings running around in my head that I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about. I want to tune up my writing voice and start building my portfolio. Hopefully putting that out there now will hold me accountable in the future, but we’ve all seen how that’s gone so far. With my job here in Madison, I’ve been exposed to so many wonderful blogs and ideas. Tomorrow’s a new day, I suppose…

Until next time, blogosphere. Never stop dreaming.


When it rains, it pours… in the best way possible :)

In the last week – heck, in the last 24 hours – I have gone from a recent college graduate (but not official as I hadn’t received my diploma yet) with a possible apartment and roomies in Madison and no job prospects… to an official college grad with an official diploma, official roomies and apartments with a signed lease, and an official job offer. How crazy is that?!

So, my lease in Madison starts the 15th of August, and my Media Coordinator Internship position at Rayovac (sounds like a lot of social media, press releases and proofreading, YAY) starts July 18th. Where I’m living during that free¬†month has yet to be determined, but I am beyond stoked that all of my wildest dreams (thusfar) upon graduating have been fulfilled. Keep dreaming, o discouraged people. Miracles do happen.