Reason #5236 why I will miss Winona

Now that I have officially graduated college, I’ve moved home for the summer to work my part-time job. I’ve started unpacking, and the reality of it all is beginning to set in. Already, my friends who go to school or live around here are anxious to catch up and get together. Of course, I can’t wait to see them either, but lately I’ve been less than excited to actually get up and drive to see them, and the reasons behind my apathy have never made complete sense until today. Let me explain.

I’ve lived in Mequon my entire life. My parents built the house we live in a few years before I was born; it was all I knew before I packed up my life and moved to small-town Minnesota four years ago. My friends that I have here I made in high school; I got used to driving to school, to restaurants, to the mall, to their houses. That’s just the way things were. But studying abroad in Europe where I didn’t have a car and HAD to walk everywhere, combined with living in Winona, has really changed my perspective on that. More


A quick post…

…to let you know that I am OFFICIALLY going to be vice president for THREE different clubs next semester: National Broadcasting Society (and I’m still going to be treasurer, too), Astronomy Club and Sigma Delta Pi. I’m pretty pumped, but I hope it won’t be too much for me! I’ll let you know how everything goes, of course :)

In other news, you should read my latest post (about the ridiculous travel crisis in Europe right now) and let me know what you think. C’mon guys, I got a WordPress blog for a reason – I’m addicted to the STATS! I know you’re reading, and I want to know what YOU think. Don’t be afraid to speak up!! :)

Also, coming soon, I hope to touch upon everyone’s favorite subject: aging. I’m young for my grade, and it seems like I can’t turn 21 soon enough. I’ll talk about why I’m so excited, and it won’t just be because I want to go out to the bars with my friends. Stay tuned and take care! :)

Summer Plans!

Hello, all! I apologize for such a horrid delay in updates! Once the year took off, it really took off and left me with hardly any time to think. I’m now nearly a month away from finishing the semester and becoming a senior in college! CRAZY! With summer fast approaching I’ve been giving some thought as to what plans I hold. And let me tell you, I do have some exciting plans :)

First of all, a month or so ago I bought a plane ticket to Barcelona. Which means I am officially going back to Spain mid-May! Commence child-like squeeing!! I’m meeting a friend from WSU there, and we will spend two days in Barcelona. Then I’m taking a train up to France to visit a high school friend studying there, then another train back down to my old stomping grounds, Granada! I’m going to be seeing and hopefully staying with two good college friends who just happen to be staying with the host family that I stayed with. I have to get back up to Barcelona because that’s where I leave from, and then I have a 23-hour layover in Amsterdam before flying home. This sounds absurd but I purchased this ticket on purpose – this way, I’ll be able to explore the city! I have never been there but I hope to take a river boat tour and just explore a little bit. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place! I am beyond excited and plan to keep everyone updated on my travels here! Hopefully I’ll be able to update before I leave on May 10!

Secondly, and even more importantly, I have an internship for this summer with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)!!!!!! I have been following this organization since I was very little and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to be given the chance to work for them, even if it is only for credit. In the beginning of June I’ll fly out to Washington D.C., where their U.S. headquarters are, and spend about two months working on editing and producing video in their Creative Services department. While I’m not looking forward to paying insanely high rent out there, I am beyond stoked to live in the nation’s capitol for two months. I’ve spent a lot of time this academic school year in video editing and production, and I really enjoy it. I’m excited to learn more and hopefully have a lot of fun as well! I’ll definitely keep you updated on how that’s going here, too!

I know this update was extremely brief, but I’m at home right now and I’m probably going to be eating dinner and getting together with the neighbor folk soon. But, I promise I’ll try to update sometime before I leave for Europe and let you know how everything is going! Take care!!

An ode to the weather

There’s certainly nothing like October and November in Minnesota.

I will admit, I might have been a little bitter about the fact that it was snowing just two weeks ago. But sitting on my front porch in jeans and a tank top, eating an M&M’s frozen yogurt sundae (which completely negates the fact that I biked around the lakes this morning)… Minnesota, you always find a way to redeem yourself.

I find myself comparing today’s 63 degree weather to those precious five minutes in the morning after you hit your snooze button. You find yourself awake but still not ready to get up and face the world, so you just lay there in your groggy state, just savoring the warmth of your bed and the comfort of your pillow. Whatever obstacles lay ahead for you that day can wait an extra five minutes as you mentally prepare yourself for them.

So here’s to celebrating (probably) the last weekend of warmth and beautiful fall weather before the abyss that is Minnesota’s winter sets in, and here’s to hoping we get to see spring before April.

[a picture I took while biking around the lakes this morning. I only had my cell phone so I apologize for sub-par quality!]

Hello world!

Well hello there! I’m Amanda, currently a junior and triple major at Winona State University. Yes, I have three majors… I also happen to have a lot of interests. I’m hoping to graduate in four years (incredibly) with degrees in Mass Communications (focus in Broadcasting), Spanish in Global Studies.

As for this blog? I’m not really sure what will come of it. I’m thinking I’ll rant and rave about what’s happening in the rest of the world, in my own little world, through my trials and tribulations of my last two years as a college student. I have a feeling that these next few years will be hectic to say the least as, with any luck, I make the transition from university world to working world.

I’ll start out with a mini-introduction and disclaimer: I’ll try my best to update when I can, but no promises! I lead a busy life, after all :)

I guess I should back up a little, and say that I spent last semester in beautiful Granada, Spain. I don’t really want to get into specifics, but that semester was both the best and worst of my life. It goes without saying that spending 5 months immersed in a new culture, playing Spaniard and learning a million new things a day definitely changed my life. It’s something I will always hold close to my heart.

Once I got re-adjusted to American life and settled back into college life, I decided it was time to really focus on my future. I spent my first year and a half (before Spain) getting most of my gen-eds completed and dabbling in my many interests. It took me awhile to really find my niche here in Winona, and I can’t express how wonderful it is to finally have found it.

I just declared Broadcasting an emphasis last semester. Apart from learning a ton about that this semester (and loving it!), I think it’s safe to say I’m involved in plenty of extra-curriculars. I write stories for the weekly campus paper, the Winonan, and work at the local paper, the Winona Daily News, typing up public information (though my editor says he may want me to start writing *real* stories soon… more on this as it develops!).

I’m also treasurer for our National Broadcast Society chapter and a member of a few other clubs: Astronomy Club (my baby, which I helped found last year!), Spanish Club, Photo League and our Global Studies Association. Some days I don’t know how I fit it all in… my time management skills are definitely a work in progress!

I’m also in flute choir, which is only a one-credit class that meets once a week. But I have to say that one hour just makes my week. I have been the definition of band geek for as long as I can remember, playing piano since first grade and flute since fifth. I never realized how much playing music meant to me until I got to college and slowly but surely cut it completely out of my life, because as much as I love it, music performance will never be my future. I had an epiphany of sorts last semester, and now that I’m playing again, I feel so much happier and confident. It’s amazing to me the profound effects that music has on my life, and I can promise you I’ll be coming back to this at least a few more times in the future!

So, I guess that’s me in a nutshell: budding journalist, wannabe-Spaniard and travel addict, Astronomy nerd, and almost-ex-band-geek. Those are all official titles, by the way.

I should also mention that if you have any suggestions for me, anything you’d like me to talk about… please feel free to let me know! I’m always open to suggestions, and I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned and take care! :)