Story time!

Holy buckets. So remember how I said last entry that I might be writing my first story for the Daily News soon? Yeah that happened. Tonight. I guess you never know how cold the water is until you dive in, head first. (/AttemptAtProfoundIdiom)

I dunno, I’ve been writing stories for the Winonan for awhile now. I’m fairy confident in my ability to crank out a decent (comprehensible, at minimum) story in a short period of time, and I feel like I’m really close to getting the hang of just “feeling” stories as a write. I mean, planning stories doesn’t really do it for me. It helps a little, I guess, but I’ve been reading and writing journalism long enough to kind of intuitively know what should go where, and that kind of thing. I just need to work on perfecting it.

What I’m really trying to get at, though, is that my interview skills? Are definitely lacking. And that’s probably the most important part of the entire process. I’d say pretty much always, crappy interview = crappy story. If I don’t ask the good questions, I won’t get the good answers. I really need to push myself step outside my comfort zones, ask the questions that may or may not make me look stupid and make sure I have all the information – and more – that I need BEFORE writing my story. With almost every story I’ve written this semester so far (which pretty much equals all of the other stories I’ve written in my college career so far, combined), I start to write the story and think of at least 6 questions I should have thought of during the interview. Then I have to decide whether to a) call the person back and make myself look really stupid or b) screw it and use what I have. Not guess, but work around it and try to find other information to put in its place. Neither one are optimal solutions, and well, I just need to work on my journalistic skills in better.

Overall, I’m thrilled to have landed this job, and it’s great that I have an outlet through which I can do this kind of trial-and-error thing. I’m backposting this right now, and I don’t really remember where else I was going with this post, but I hope my interviewing skills get better by the end of the year :)